National Sanitation Day Fiasco

So it happens that the government has instituted a National Sanitation Day programme to conscientize the citizens of Ghana on how to keep their environment clean.

Now I do agree that we need a National Sanitation Day,but not day for cleaning the environment,instead a day for sanitizing the minds of the citizens in this country.

This programme is a complete waste of time and resources;to me it’s like bathing and dressing up a pig and placing it in your living room.The day it comes out,it will go back to the mud.Take a visit one week after those cleanup exercises are carried out and you are sure to find a new heap of garbage waiting to graduate into a horrible stench.

Do you an example of a National Sanitation Day in UK,United States or Singapore?We then should we presume to implement such a horrible idea.One day of cleanliness in month would not take care of 30 days spent in creating filth.

What Ghanaians need is sanitation of their minds.


What we need are laws and a new enforcement body (not the Police) with prosecution powers to handle this issues.
Polythene bags and plastics should be banned completely in favor of biodegradable packages.
We need an efficient settlement planning council to preside over construction of buildings and the location of drains.
A whole unit or perhaps a new ministry should be set-up to handle the sanitation canker in Ghana,not some flukish charade called “National Sanitation Day”.



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